UKSIC calls on mobile manufacturers to do more to help schools with filtering and monitoring devices

27 Mar 2023 UK SIC

The UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC) is calling on manufacturers of mobile devices to provide schools and resellers with more ability to effectively filter and monitor the devices handed to children.

In a report published today, the Centre recommended the likes of Google and Apple provide clear guidance about any limitations, requirements or expectations as to how filtering and monitoring technologies operate on their devices.

This was one of several recommendations made to manufacturers, schools, government and filtering and monitoring providers in an attempt to provide better online safety for children.

UKSIC Director, David Wright said: “This report provides a detailed look into our research on the filtering and monitoring processes on school devices and our hopes for greater safety in this area going forward.

“We’re encouraging all relevant groups to do that little bit more to better protect our children whilst using school devices and to prevent tragic cases, such as the one involving Frankie Thomas, from happening again.

“We all need to take seriously the concerns around the effectiveness of filtering and monitoring provisions on these devices and to encourage schools to take added precaution in this space. We want them to satisfy themselves that their filtering and monitoring systems are working as they expect, particularly on any mobile device they use.”

You can read the full report here.

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