UKSIC partner with ITU to release new Child Online Protection guidelines

02 Jul 2020 Andy Robinson

UKSIC, along with industry partners SWGfL and IWF have helped to release the new ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Child Online Protection guidelines for 2020 to raise awareness of online safety across the world.

UKSIC Director David Wright, SWGfL, and the IWF have helped guide and inform some of these resources along with 80 other leading online safety and child protection organisations from across the world.  

The guidelines have been running since 2009, yet with the internet evolving so much through the years, the need for online safety awareness has become much more important. Children and young people have access to more resourceful things online than ever before. The internet plays a huge part in many young people’s lives and can provide many opportunities for education and fun. Socialising, sharing content and expressing opinions has never been more easy, yet challenges around online safety are still very much a part of the discussion.

Specially aimed at children, parents and educators, industry and policy-makers, the guidelines are meant to act as a framework, which can be adapted and used in a way that is consistent with national or local customs and laws.  


There are three different age groups available within the guidelines. Each helps young people learn how to manage risks online whilst showing how to engage with the internet effectively. Included is:

  • Online with Sango – a storybook for children under 9 years’ old
  • Work with Sango – a workbook for children age 9-12 and 
  • The Net rules challenge – a social media campaign related to this website for young people age 13-18 years

Parents & Educators

These guidelines aim to educate and raise awareness about the potential risks young people may encounter online. There are tools and guidance available to support and help understand what potential harms there may be whilst aiming to create a healthy online environment at home and at school. Included is:

  • A Full Report of Guidelines
  • An Executive Summary of Guidelines
  • A Powerpoint Presentation looking providing an overview of what children and young people are doing when they go online. Discussing the risks and opportunities that they face and offering strategies that parents, carers and guardians can use to support their children and keep them safe when they are online.


These guidelines look to provide support for the safer use of internet services and associated technologies by providing accessible frameworks for businesses, ensuring children are protected when online. It also highlights good practice of industry that can be considered in the process of drafting, developing and managing child online protection policies and measures. Included is:

  • Full Guideline Report
  • Executive Summary

​Policy- Makers

These guidelines offer national governments and policy-makers a user-friendly framework that supports the development of effective measures for child protection online. Included are recommendations on how to develop a national strategy on COP whilst identifying what should be engaged with and what to use as a guide. Included is:

  • Full Guideline Report
  • Executive Summary

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