Xbox Series X Parental Controls and Security Settings

13 Jan 2021 Andy Robinson

Microsoft incorporates a variety of parental controls and security settings to ensure that the whole family can feel safe when gaming on the Xbox. In this blog, we’ll be highlighting some of the features that are available when setting up your console.

What parental controls are available?

Depending on how old your children are when playing on the Xbox there are a variety of ways you can tailor the parental control settings so that the gaming experience is suitable for them. The key thing is to ensure that you are comfortable with what is set up for the whole family in the initial stages.

All of the parental controls we mention in this blog can be managed through your Microsoft account online or via the Xbox Family Settings App

Set Up Xbox Series X Family Settings

In order to keep track of your home console, Microsoft allows you to setup a Family Group which can allow you to make individual child accounts with settings that relate to each child specifically. Setting up a Family Group keeps you in charge of the privacy settings and parental controls from the start.

Some parents may wish to do this if their children are experiencing gaming for the first time or need to understand more about playing responsibly. This is also a great way for parents who have children of different ages to ensure that each child has settings which are tailored to their needs, age, and ability.

Leading a Family Group means you can have control over each profile allowing you to alter:

  • Screen time: Set restrictions on how long the console can be used on a daily basis[BC1] .
  • Spending Limits: Get notified about potential purchases and limit funds for individual accounts
  • Filtered Content: Restrict media that isn’t age appropriate including games and apps.
  • Online Communication: Disable or limit how your child communicates with others online

How To Stay Safe Online When Playing Xbox

Not only does Xbox have a variety of parental controls, there are ways in which you can report and block any users that may be causing harm online to your family.

You are able to Mute players online if they are causing offense and blocking them cancels out any future communication. It’s important to not tolerate harm, regardless of whether playing a game or not. If someone makes your child feel uncomfortable, encouraging them to talk to you can develop their understanding of potential risks online. If you are worried about how someone is communicating with your child online, you can always report it at CEOP

As with every new generation of gaming, a lot of the fun comes from sharing the experience together. Playing new games and sharing the fun can introduce the concept of online safety from the very start. Setting parental controls can offer peace of mind, but relaxing them as time goes on can further your child’s development into gaming responsibly without worry.

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