20 May 2022 UK SIC

Password security – Understanding the basics

In this article, we run down a few key points to remember when it comes to managing and creating your…

12 April 2022 UK SIC

Scamming – A guide to protect against common online scams

Read our informative guide around how you can spot and protect yourself and others from harmful online scams

10 March 2022 UK SIC

VPNs – What you need to know

There are so many options available for VPNs - here are some of the features that you need to be…

13 October 2021 UK SIC

Cyber Security – Top 5 Tips

For Cyber Security month, we’re running down the top 5 five things to remember when it comes to keeping your…

3 September 2021 UK SIC

The Children’s Code – What is it and how will it help protect children online?

The Information Commissioners Office has officially launched the Children’s Code to ensure that tech companies are doing everything they can…

20 August 2021 UK SIC

Discord Security Settings – A Guide for Parents and Carers

This blog explores Discord, a chat app used by gamers and has been gaining more popularity recently.

20 May 2021 Andy Robinson

Pornography Age Restriction Concerns for Online Safety Bill

Since the Online Safety Bill was published, organisations and individuals have raised concerns over how pornography sites are going to…

11 March 2021 Andy Robinson

PlayStation 5 – Parental Controls and Security Settings

This blog looks at some of the features that are available for PlayStation 5 including parental controls and certain restrictions…

2 March 2021 Andy Robinson

Cameras On or Off? – Important Questions Answered by the POSH helpline.

The POSH helpline discuss educator’s key considerations around keeping cameras on or off during remote learning. Find out some key…

13 January 2021 Andy Robinson

Xbox Series X Parental Controls and Security Settings

Microsoft incorporates a variety of parental controls and security settings to ensure that the whole family can feel safe when…

23 September 2020 Becca Cawthorne

Delete or Deactivate – What to do with your old accounts (updated for 2020)

This blog gives site specific guidance about how to deactivate or delete your accounts, and what these options mean.

11 September 2020 UK SIC

New Laws Proposed by Law Commission to Protect Victims of Online Abuse

Today, the law commission has proposed new laws to protect victims from harmful online behaviour. This article looks at what…