13 October 2023 UK SIC

Protecting Yourself from Phishing Scams Online 

For cybersecurity month, we're highlighting what to be aware of when it comes to phishing scams and how you can…

20 October 2022 UK SIC

Hacking – A guide to responding and recovering from hacking attempts

For Cyber Security Month, follow these simple steps if you are concerned about hacking or want to know how you…

7 October 2022 UK SIC

Cyber-Security Awareness Month – Protecting Your School

It‘s essential that cyber security remains a priority for any educational establishment. Take a look at this article to find…

28 September 2022 UK SIC

Introducing the Yubo Social Media Checklist

SWGfL have released a brand new social media checklist for Yubo. This article describes the privacy and security features available…

17 June 2022 UK SIC

How well are schools protected? New cyber security report from SWGfL

SWGfL have launched a new cyber security report that looks at how well schools are protected throughout England and Wales.

20 May 2022 UK SIC

Password security – Understanding the basics

In this article, we run down a few key points to remember when it comes to managing and creating your…

12 April 2022 UK SIC

Scamming – A guide to protect against common online scams

Read our informative guide around how you can spot and protect yourself and others from harmful online scams

10 March 2022 UK SIC

VPNs – What you need to know

There are so many options available for VPNs - here are some of the features that you need to be…

13 October 2021 UK SIC

Cyber Security – Top 5 Tips

For Cyber Security month, we’re running down the top 5 five things to remember when it comes to keeping your…

3 September 2021 UK SIC

The Children’s Code – What is it and how will it help protect children online?

The Information Commissioners Office has officially launched the Children’s Code to ensure that tech companies are doing everything they can…

20 August 2021 UK SIC

Discord Security Settings – A Guide for Parents and Carers

This blog explores Discord, a chat app used by gamers and has been gaining more popularity recently.

20 May 2021 Andy Robinson

Pornography Age Restriction Concerns for Online Safety Bill

Since the Online Safety Bill was published, organisations and individuals have raised concerns over how pornography sites are going to…