128: Embracing Powerlessness in Pursuit of Digital Resilience: Managing Cyber-Literacy in Professional Talk

Dr Simon P Hammond and Professor Neil Cooper (Centre for Research on the Child and Family, University of East Anglia) (May 2018)

A summary of the results of a 4-year long Digital Life Story Work programme exploring how everyday conversations in children’s residential care homes foreground institutional concerns regarding online risks and adolescent vulnerability. Ten adolescents (six males and four females, mean age 15 years, age range 14-18 years) and thirty-five residential social care professionals from across four homes were recruited. Multiple qualitative data collection methods were used (e.g., reflective fieldnotes from observations and transcripts from conversations during observations, focus groups, semi-structured interviews and in-situ recordings of conversations stimulated by adolescents’ use of their social media accounts).  

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