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#164 2021

164: Parenting for a Digital Future: How Hopes and Fears about Technology Shape Children’s Lives

Parental attitudes Parental mediation Internet access and use Risks
#163 2021

163: Digital by Default: Children’s Capacity to Understand and Manage Online Data and Privacy

Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Teens (13-18)
#162 2021

162: Loot Boxes, Gambling, and Problem Gambling Among Young People: Results from a Cross-Sectional Online Survey

Addiction Adults (16+) Gambling
#161 2021

161: Not All Screen Time is Created Equal: Associations with Mental Health Vary by Activity and Gender

Internet use Mental health Teens (13-18)
#160 2021

160: The Regulation of Internet Pornography: What a Survey of Under-18s Tells Us About the Necessity for and Potential Efficacy of Emerging Legislative Approaches

Encountering pornography Policing Teens (13-18)
#159 2021

159: Sex and Consent in Contemporary Youth Sexual Culture: The ‘Ideals’ and the ‘Realities’

Schools Sexting Teens (13-18)
#158 2021

158: Young People’s Experiences and Perceptions of YouTuber-Produced Health Content: Implications for Health Promotion

Positive opportunities online Social networking Teens (13-18)
#157 2021

157: Young People’s health-related learning through social media: What do teachers need to know?

Mental health Schools Social networking Teens (13-18)
#156 2021

156: Growing up gay in a digital world: A double-edged sword for sexual minority young men in England

Internet access and use Positive opportunities online Risks Teens (13-18)
#155 2021

155: Exploring British Adolescents’ Views and Experiences of Problematic Smartphone Use and Smartphone Etiquette

Addiction Devices Teens (13-18)
#154 2021

154: Ofcom Adult’s Media Use and Attitudes – Highlights from Ofcom’s 2020/21 Research

Adults (16+) Digital literacy Internet access and use
#153 2021

153: Ofcom Children’s Media Use and Attitudes – Highlights from Ofcom’s 2020/21 Research

Children's behaviour online Positive opportunities online Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18)