152: School-based Prevention for Adolescent Internet Addiction: Prevention is the Key. A Systematic Literature Review

Dr. Melina Throuvala, Prof. Mark Griffiths, Dr. Mike Rennoldson and Dr. Daria Kuss, Cyberpsychology Research Group, Nottingham Trent University (June 2021)

A summary of the results of a systematic literature review examining adolescent school-based prevention interventions for Internet and gaming addiction. The main inclusion criteria were: (i) all journal papers – referring to published protocols of preventive interventions, even if not accompanied by an evaluation, as well as any type of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of effectiveness; (ii) studies targeting adolescents, aged 11-17 years in a school environment; (iii) studies with publication dates between 2007-2017; (iv) full-text studies published in English, German, Spanish and Greek language (the native languages of the co-authors); and (iv) studies targeting multiple risk behaviours (i.e., drugs, alcohol), where IA was included as one of the targeted behaviours.

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