153: Ofcom Children’s Media Use and Attitudes – Highlights from Ofcom’s 2020/21 Research

Ofcom / Critical Research / Critical Research (April 2021)

A summary of the results of the Ofcom Children’s Media Literacy Tracker, a large-scale quantitative survey that, as result of the pandemic, was conducted online and in two parts in 2020 – with fieldwork carried out between October 2020 and January 2021. The tracker is designed to give an accessible overview of media literacy among children aged 5-15 and their parents, as well as an overview of media use by children aged 3-4. The report on which this summary is based also draws on our qualitative Children’s Media Lives research (a longitudinal ethnographic study that provides in-depth insight into the online behaviours and experiences of 18 children aged between eight and 18), as well as Ofcom’s Technology Tracker and News Consumption Surveys.

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