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Safer Internet Day –
7th February 2023

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How can I get my child involved with online safety?

With technology becoming increasingly relevant to children and young people – whether through education, socialising, or gaming – knowing how to stay safe online is a key skill for them to learn.

Activities for use as a family

There are many resources which you can use to introduce online safety to your child, whatever their age may be. These include activities to do as a whole family. Take a look below at some of the activities you can get involved with right now:

COMING SOON: Safer Internet Day Quizzes

Whilst our quizzes for the next chapter of Safer Internet Day are yet to become live on the website, you can still head to the homepages of previous Safer Internet Day installments and test your online safety knowledge together with your child.
Simply hover over the Safer Internet Day tab at the top of the website, select the year, then click on the quiz specific to your child’s age group!

Activities for under 11s

Whilst children aged under 11 will be spending more time using the internet and devices on platforms and games appropriate for their age group, there are still resources out there for parents and carers to use to introduce online safety.

Activities for 11-18s

Safer Internet Day Advice

Did you know that you can go back through previous chapters of Safer Internet Day and look at the advice sections – whether together with your child or them independently – explore the advice for 11-18s section.
Containing top tips, films and quizzes, there’s so much for young people aged 11-18 to explore to ensure they become online safety whizzes!