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22 Dec 2020 Andy Robinson

SWGfL as part of the UK Safer Internet Centre have teamed up with industry leading edtech and online training organisations to create EdifyLearn – – a whole new digital skills approach for school staff. 

‘Digitally competent’ is a phrase that many schools will recognise. With the pressures of local closures, together with children and staff having to self-isolate, it’s no surprise that classrooms throughout the UK have expanded over the last year to use technology as part of their learning strategy,

The question however is the capability of staff to accommodate this transition and blended learning approach.  In May, NFER research concluded that “63% maintained that schools felt un-prepared for delivering online lessons”.  In some cases, children have been at home and ‘left to their own devices’

A concerning statistic from our annual 360 report showed that 41% of schools had no staff training to date around online safety. Considering the overwhelming need for technology in modern times and the risks it can pose to students, it’s surprising when schools do not educate their staff around digital competency and protection.

What is EdifyLearn? 

EdifyLearn is a wholly new approach.  Historically, much online safety training purely features a bewildering list of the latest craze of apps and the harms that befall some children, often leaving staff with a sense of fear and dread. 

EdifyLearn is different.  It starts with defining the digital skills that all staff should have and allowing each member of staff to then work through, at their own pace, online content that prepares them for each particular skill to reach their full potential in online safety and their safeguarding knowledge. It works alongside staff to report and track progress at a pace that works for them. As soon as staff feel confident they are able to test their newly developed skills and receive certification.

How EdifyLearn Works  

EdifyLearn provides professionals with material developed by online safety experts to define what is expected from schools. The website will:

  • Define 13 digital skills and competencies that should be covered by staff, which include:
  • Safeguarding children online
  • Safeguarding themselves and the school online
  • Improving children’s online resilience
  • Make content available to suit the pace of professionals
  • Provide certification once digital skills are understood
  • Report and track progress for all staff

Why use EdifyLearn?

Understanding what is required when it comes to digital competency can be easier said than done. EdifyLearn works by giving schools the framework and requirements needed. Not only does it save precious time but the information looks to maximise your understanding of relevant and important skills that will protect students and staff whilst meeting expected obligations.

You can see more about EdifyLearn below. There are also a limited number of spaces for schools to access the beta platform to provide feedback and commentary.

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