New guidance released for how to respond to the online sexual harassment of school staff in England

20 Dec 2023 UK SIC

The Professionals Online Safety Helpline has released new guidance to support schools and colleges in England on How to Respond to the Online Sexual Harassment of Staff.

The latest guidance, prepared by Carmel Glassbrook (Professionals Online Safety Helpline Manager) and Jess McBeath, Online Safety Consultant), refers to information published by the Department for Education and is intended to be used by school/colleges leaders, governors, federations, and trust leaders in England.

The guidance is divided into three parts suggesting actions that address the online element of sexual harassment or abuse, as well as the possible wider issues, covering the following:

  • Responding to incidents
  • Preventing online sexual abuse and harassment
  • Guidance for staff

To access the latest sexual harassment guidance below, you can visit the SWGfL website here.

Accessing Support

Alongside the latest sexual harassment guidance, the UK Safer Internet Centre and SWGfL’s Professionals Online Safety Helpline provides a series of resources to support educators or professionals working with young people.

Recent resources include support around making reports to social media platforms, how to handle impersonation attempts, and what to do following an incident of sexting.

Alongside this, any professional working with young people can get support with their online safety concerns by contacting the Professionals Online Safety Helpline. The Helpline can be contacted by emailing, calling 0344 381 4772, or by visiting their website here.

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