New updates from ProjectEVOLVE

26 Apr 2022 UK SIC

ProjectEVOLVE is the free digital literacy toolkit that provides curriculum materials and resources for professionals who want to educate around online development in children and young people.

This month, the ProjectEVOLVE team have launched a variety of new updates which will allow users to fully utilise the tool; whilst also helping teachers to continuously increase their student’s understanding of various online scenarios. In our latest blog, we take you through each of these exciting new updates!

What are the new features from ProjectEVOLVE?

Firstly, a new School Account Analysis Dashboard has been launched giving admins full oversight of their school’s account and progress. The first version of the feature will allow admins to track resources that have been used, analyse various strands that have been focused on and analyse outcomes of Knowledge Maps.

Alongside the release of the ‘Dashboard’ feature, Key Stage 2 resources will now include exclusive content from BBC OWNIT (online safety platform from the BBC), which is existing content on the BBC site, mapped to ProjectEVOLVE and “Education for a Connected World” statements. This new partnership also means that links to ProjectEVOLVE curriculum material can be found within ‘BBC OWNIT’ lesson plans.

More new features have also increased the user friendliness of the tool! Users are now able to search for material from the ProjectEVOLVE resource page whilst curriculum has been included on the resources page filters list.

All of these features and more follow the recent ProjectEVOLVE evaluation report which highlighted its positive impact whilst, also finding that the service is ‘’unquestionably providing tools and resources that education professionals value’’.

New and existing ProjectEVOLVE users can access this month’s updates by visiting the ProjectEVOLVE website!

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