SWGfL Release Blended Learning Resource

13 Aug 2020 Andy Robinson

Our partners at SWGfL have released a new resource about Blended Learning which will help schools prepare for the new school year. This has been in response to remote learning along with schools returning to regular practice in the near future.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a two-way process of teaching. The first is using face to face interaction to educate (in school) whilst the second is through electronic platforms to educate online (also known as remote learning). The model is used to maximise the educational impact on children and young people, in and out of the classroom.

Whilst schools might be familiar with the concept of working from home, it will be important to consider, as children and young people return back to a regular school environment, what the ‘new norm’ might look like.  Blended Learning is one approach that should be considered. Blended learning allows for both school-based and remote learning environments to work hand in hand, helping children and young people to make the most of their education.

Why Blended Learning is Important   

Having already experienced an impactful transition process into remote learning, schools will be well aware of what to expect when it comes to responsive action. Whether schools found enormous strength in their strategy or encountered noticeable problems, now is the time to prepare and build on the positive experiences of blended learning.

Remote Learning called for a lot of change in how schools handled their day to day routine. Safeguarding in particular was an important issue raised when schools began using online platforms for virtual learning. Did schools have the right policy and guidance to drive their community successfully through a rather uncertain time? Was the technology suitable and were educational expectations met?

Blended Learning as a strategy will encourage better use of policy and practice to ensure safeguards are met whilst actively reviewing and responding to new changes and codes of practice towards learning on and offline.

What the Resource Covers  

The resource breaks down certain topics and offers safeguarding advice to consider. These include:

Leadership – Who has responsibility and what needs to be reviewed?

Online Learning Environment – Are staff able to work effectively at home or in the classroom?

Preparation – Does everyone have the correct knowledge and are they aware of new measures?

Expectations – Ensure expectations are met when delivering online sessions.

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