97: Safer Internet Day 2016: Campaign Evaluation

UK Safer Internet Centre & Populus (September 2016) 

A summary of the results of an online survey of a nationally representative group of adults, teens and children to assess the effectiveness of Safer Internet Day. Populus conducted 2,503 online interviews with 502 children aged 11-13 years, 502 aged 14-16 years, and 502 parents of children aged 11-16 between 3 and 7 March 2016. Further questions were asked of those who had heard of Safer Internet Day. This sample consisted of 205 young people aged 8-17 years and 103 parents of children under 18, 78 of which were parents of children aged 8-17 years. Respondents were recruited via Populus’ proprietary panel, PopulusLive, and partner panel providers.

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