Safer Internet Day – 9th February 2021

An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world.


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Abbey Community College

All students will be engaged in activities to promote understanding of safer internet practice. Specified information will be shared with students and they will complete an online quiz.

Abbey Gymnastics C.I.C.

Abbey Gymnastics will celebrate Safer Internet Day by promoting the guidance and advice on our social media platforms.

Abbey Hulton Primary School

We are watching virtual assemblies as well as encouraging discussion around the importance of staying safe online. We’ll be designing posters and playing lots of games to make this day memorable!

Abbeyfields First School

Here at Abbeyfields we are planning to hold a virtual Safer Internet Day Assembly. We are also offering Safer Internet ideas and activities in our home learning plans for all of our children.

Abbeywood school

All groups in ks3 and ks4 are focussing on online safety and online media now in PSHE. We have looked at the risks associated with online gambling, online gaming and subsequent risks of grooming.

Abbot's Lea School

Our theme this year is Safer Remote Education. We will share tips for staff, parents and students on safety settings on their devices, as well online presence and communication etiquette.

Abercanaid Community School

All classes through-out the school are exploring this years theme ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’ through a variety of activities as part of online learning.

Abercrombie Primary School

Virtual assemblies for each year group bubble.
Real-life scenarios

Abercromby Nursery School

Zoom meeting for our families to explore together how to keep their children safe online, signposting to resources including our website

Abertay Housing Association

Abertay Housing Association will be raising awareness through a range of social media posts, sharing informative and useful resources.
As well as offering support and digital assistance.