67: To Tell Or Not to Tell? Youth’s Responses to Unwanted Internet Experiences

Lund University, Sweden & University of New Hampshire, USA (May 2015)
A summary of the results of the large scale and nationally representative Third Youth Internet Safety Survey (YISS-3) undertaken in the USA between August, 2010 and January, 2011. The study aimed to quantify youth experiences with unwanted sexual solicitations, harassment and unwanted exposure to pornography online. The sample consisted of 1,560 Internet users aged 10-17 and their caretakers. The results presented are based on data from those participants who reported unwanted Internet experiences (e.g., sexual solicitation, online harassment, unwanted exposure to pornography) and who answered follow-up questions about whether they had told someone about the experience (n = 134, n = 174 and n = 346 respectively) or how the situation ended (n = 134, n = 170 and n = 348 respectively).

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