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Sexual abuse

#151 2021

151: Increasing Safety and the Resilience of Children at Risk of Technology-assisted Child Sexual Abuse: Implementation Evaluation for InCtrl

NSPCC Research and Evidence (November 2020)  A summary of the results of evaluation of the NSPCC InCtrl programme. This is…

Grooming Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Sexual abuse Teens (13-18)
#131 2018

131: Case Studies of Men’s Perceptions of Their Online Sexual Interactions with Young People: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Dr Juliane Kloess (University of Birmingham), Dr Michael Larkin (Aston University), Dr Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis (University of Bath), and Professor Anthony…

Grooming Policing Sexual abuse
#124 2018

124: Offence Processes of Online Sexual Grooming and Abuse of Children Via Internet Communication Platforms

Dr Juliane Kloess (University of Birmingham), Dr Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis (University of Bath), and Professor Anthony R. Beech (University of Birmingham) (July 2017) A summary of…

Grooming Policing Sexual abuse
#105 2017

105: A Review of the Research on Children and Young People who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviour Online

NSPCC (Nov 2016)  A summary of the results of a systematic literature review examining the developmental appropriateness of children and young…

Encountering pornography Inappropriate content online Risks Sexual abuse
#100 2017

100: ISEC Project Illegal Use of the Internet Project: Cyber-typologies and Victimisation

Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies (CATS), Middlesex University (Nov 2016)  A summary of the results of a retrospective online…

Cyberbullying & harassment Grooming Risks Sexting Sexual abuse Teens (13-18)
#67 2017

67: To Tell Or Not to Tell? Youth’s Responses to Unwanted Internet Experiences

Lund University, Sweden & University of New Hampshire, USA (May 2015)  A summary of the results of the large scale and nationally…

Children's behaviour online Digital literacy Encountering pornography Inappropriate content online Risks Sexual abuse
#65 2017

65: Are crimes by online predators different from crimes by sex offenders who know youth in person?

Crimes Against Children Research Centre, University of New Hampshire (March 2014)  A summary of the results of the Third National Juvenile Online…

Cyberbullying & harassment Risks Sexual abuse
#63 2017

63: Victims' Voices: The impact of online grooming and sexual abuse

University of Birmingham and CEOP (March 2014)  An overview of the results of a small scale qualitative study conducted in the UK…

Grooming Policing Risks Sexual abuse
#62 2017

62: NCMEC Statistical Report

NCMEC (Feb 2014)  An overview of statistical information provided by the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in the…

Cyberbullying & harassment Evaluation Grooming Risks Sexual abuse
#54 2017

54: ChildLine Online Issues Report 2012-13

ChildLine (Sept 2013) A summary of the results of analysis of the over 10,600 counselling sessions ChildLine received in 2012-13 where…

Cyberbullying & harassment Internet access and use Risks Sexting Sexual abuse
#53 2017

53: Child Pornography and Likelihood of Contact Abuse: a comparison between contact child sexul offenders and noncontact offenders

Michelle McManus (University of Central Lancashire) (July 2013) A summary of the results of a study examining discriminatory differences between dual…

Risks Sexual abuse
#13 2017

13: Policing online child sexual abuse

Elena Martellozzo, Middlesex University A small scale ethnographic study of the police’s covert investigations on online child sexual abuse, focusing…

Evaluation Grooming Policing Risks Sexual abuse