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I’m not sure if the content my child is watching is a good influence on them, what can I do?

Children begin to be influenced by the content they watch as soon as they’re old enough to go online. They develop strong preferences for their favourite characters, videos, and games from an early age and these preferences can also be influenced by the content that their friends like, and talk about, too.


The best way to understand the content that your children enjoy is to watch it yourself. It might not be to your own personal tastes, but this will allow you to see what is being said and how this may affect your child.


If you’re worried about it in any way, it’s important to talk to your children and let them know what it is that you’re concerned about. E.g., if you think it’s affecting their behaviour or mood.


If you see anything inappropriate online, that might go against the platform’s community guidelines, then it’s important to report it (and anyone who is sharing that content too), using the reporting, and blocking tools provided.