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My child is keen to share content and make a change online. How can I help them achieve this safely?

Lots of young people are turning to the internet to talk about issues they’re passionate about, to help raise awareness, and promote social change. Creating and sharing content online can be exciting, even more so if it reaches lots of people.

However, it’s important that young people consider the messaging and language of their posts, and how it might reflect on them.

Check regularly

A young person’s opinions and values might change over time, and the internet never forgets! Encourage young people to regularly check their accounts and delete old posts that they no longer want to share.

Know your audience

Ask your child if they know what privacy options are available, if they’re happy with the settings they currently have, and offer help if needed. Knowing who can see your posts helps to keep track of how widely things are being shared.

Be positive

Content posted privately can still be shared further than a young person expects, for example by screenshots being taken. However, if the content is positive and supports a worthy cause then social media platforms can be a great way for young people to be part of supportive online communities with like-minded people.