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Things change so fast online, it’s hard to keep up with what my child is doing

Staying up to date with what children are doing online can feel like a challenge sometimes. However, you don’t have to be an expert in every new app or service. Simply having conversations with your children about their lives online, and what to do if they need help or something goes wrong, is what’s most important. Here are a few simple steps you can take to help bridge the gap.

Talk little and often

Having a regular open dialogue with your children about their favourite apps, the games they enjoy, and their online friends, will help create an environment where chatting about online experiences becomes a normal part of family life.

Stay proactive

As a result of discussions with your children about their online activities, take time to research the apps they’re using, the accounts or channels they’re following, and the games they’re playing, to get a better idea of what they’re experiencing and what your thoughts are towards it.

Seek support

Knowing where to get help is essential. Each app or platform will have its own safety guidelines and reporting features, and having knowledge of how to use these will ensure you can make a report, seek help, and support your child to get the best out of the services they’re using.