26 May 2023 UK SIC

Buying and Selling Personal Items: Considerations for Staying Safe Online

Here are some guidelines for staying safe when engaged in buying and selling personal items online.

25 May 2023 UK SIC

How does Snapchat’s new AI function “My AI” impact young people?

In this article, we delve into the latest AI chatbot on Snapchat and its impact on young people's well-being.

18 May 2023 UK SIC

2023 Appropriate filtering and monitoring definitions published

We have published the 'appropriate' filtering and monitoring definitions for 2023.  The definitions help both schools and providers understand what is…

11 May 2023 UK SIC

Peers express support for UKSIC campaign highlighting need for independent appeals process in Online Safety Bill

Baroness Newlove backs need for independent appeals process in Online Safety Bill.

9 May 2023 UK SIC

Don’t steal my right to appeal – Online Safety Bill set to not include existing protections

The Online Safety Bill is set to remove an essential obligation which is currently supporting individuals to get harmful online…

3 May 2023 UK SIC

SWGfL announced in Charity Awards shortlist

Our partners at SWGfL have been shortlisted for the Charity Awards in the Education and Training category. Find out more…

28 April 2023 UK SIC

The most severe Category A online child sexual abuse doubles in two years, new IWF data shows

In 2022, the IWF found 51,369 webpages containing the most severe kinds of abuse, up from 25,050 pages in 2020.

20 April 2023 UK SIC

Revenge Porn Helpline Releases 2022 Annual Report

The Revenge Porn Helpline have released their latest report showing the impact of intimate image abuse throughout 2022.

14 April 2023 UK SIC

Professionals Online Safety Helpline releases annual report

The Professionals Online Safety Helpline have released their latest annual report, citing the prevalent issues that are affecting teachers and…

11 April 2023 UK SIC

Ofcom explores digital literacy in latest report

Ofcom have explored digital literacy in their latest report, highlighting how young people are approaching technology.

5 April 2023 UK SIC

Help! My child wants to play games that are too old for them.

We often hear from parents and carers that they are worried about what their child may experience in new games.

30 March 2023 UK SIC

IWF works alongside Ukraine to help stop spread of child sexual abuse material

The IWF has relaunched a special Ukrainian language portal to help fight online child sexual abuse imagery.