Safer Internet Day – 8th February 2022

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Exploring respect and relationships online

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Top Tips for 11-18 year olds

Top Tips

The internet can be a great place to learn new things, keep in touch with friends, and to have fun. We have some tips to help you to stay safe and positive online, as well as how you can #PlayYourPart in creating a better internet by…

Using your actions and words with care.

What you do, say and share online can have a big impact on the way other people feel, as well as how others perceive you. When emotions are high, take a moment to reflect and continue when you’re feeling calmer.

Building healthy relationships.

Listen to and support your friends both online and offline by respecting their boundaries and treating them with kindness.
Look out for signs of an unhealthy relationship – if someone is pressuring you, is dishonest, or makes you feel uncomfortable, know that you can always talk to an adult or friend you trust.

Being an upstander when you see bullying, harassment or hate.

By using reporting tools or speaking out if you feel able to do so, you can offer support to the victims of these behaviours. This can help people to feel less alone and can encourage them to seek further assistance if they need it. Keeping a look out for suspicious information and people online.

Knowing it’s never too late to talk to an adult about something you’re experiencing online.

Even if you’re worried it might be uncomfortable, or you think you’ve done something wrong, speaking to someone is the first  step in getting support and moving forward.

Respect and relationships in gaming film

We spoke with secondary schools around the UK to discuss what they thought was most important when it came to respect and relationships online when gaming for Safer Internet Day 2022.

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Question 1. Mona has a friend online who she normally gets on with really well. Recently their friendship hasn’t been so good. Mona’s friend makes jokes about her to other people, but always seems to focus on things that Mona finds particularly hurtful. When Mona asks them to stop, they say she is being too sensitive. What should Mona do?(Required)