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Inappropriate content online

#44 2017

44: Internet Watch Foundation: Study of Self-Generated Sexually Explicit Images & Videos Featuring Young People Online

The Internet Watch Foundation (Nov 2012)  An overview of the results of a 4 week study by IWF Internet Content…

Inappropriate content online Risks
#33 2017

33: The protection of children online: a scoping review to identify vulnerable groups

Munro (Aug 2011)  A systematic literature review of research examining internet technology risks and online vulnerability.

Cyberbullying & harassment Encountering pornography Grooming Inappropriate content online Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18)
#04 2017

04: Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre strategic overview 2009-2010

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (May 2010)  A large scale quantitative study of reports of online child abuse received by…

Grooming Inappropriate content online Risks Sexual abuse
#02 2017

02: Exploring online safety knowledge and evaluating CEOP’s Think U Know (TUK) education programme

Kingston University (July 2009)  A large scale mixed methods study of young people’s knowledge about internet safety and their understanding…

Digital literacy Evaluation Inappropriate content online Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Risks Teens (13-18)