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Vulnerable groups

#68 2017

68: The Cybersurvey for Suffolk

Adrienne Katz, Youth Work Consulting (May 2014) A summary of the results of the Suffolk Cybersurvey 2013 which aimed to inform the…

Cyberbullying & harassment Internet access and use Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18) Vulnerable groups
#48 2017

48: Virtually Anorexic – Where's the harm? A research study of pro-anorexia websites

University Campus Suffolk (Nov 2012) A summary of the results of a qualitative study of 126 websites and blogs identified…

Inappropriate content online Mental health Risks Vulnerable groups
#36 2017

36: Identifying vulnerable children online and what strategies can help them

UKCCIS Evidence Group – Livingstone and Palmer (Jun 2012) A report summarising the main findings and outcomes of the Vulnerability…

Grooming Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18) Vulnerable groups
#27 2017

27: EU Kids Online – online safety and disadvantaged children

EU Kids Online (Aug 2011)  A large-scale quantitative study observing trends in the risk-taking behaviours of disadvantaged groups of children.

Vulnerable groups
#20 2017

20: Internet safety and children with special educational needs

Lucy Faithfull Foundation (Aug 2011)  A small scale qualitative study on the internet safety concerns of children with special educational…

SEND Vulnerable groups
#19 2017

19: Vulnerable young people, social media and e-safety

Stephen Carrick-Davies (July 2011) A small scale qualitative study on vulnerable young people’s use of social media and mobile phones,…

Positive opportunities online Risks Vulnerable groups
#18 2017

18: Ofsted – younger children’s views

Ofsted (April 2011)  A small scale quantitative survey on children’s views on personal safety – online and offline. 

Children (0-8) Looked after children Pre-teens (9-12) Vulnerable groups