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#141 2019

141: Children’s Data and Privacy Online: Growing Up in a Digital Age An Evidence Review

Sonia Livingstone, Mariya Stoilova and Rishita Nandagiri (London School of Economics and Political Science) (February, 2019) A summary of the…

Children's behaviour online Internet access and use Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Risks Teens (13-18)
#138 2019

138: When Do Parents Think Their Child is Ready to Use the Internet Independently? Parenting for a Digital Future: Survey Report 2

Sonia Livingstone (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Kjartan Ólafsson (University of Akureyri) (February, 2019) An overview of…

GDPR Internet access and use Parental mediation Privacy
#43 2017

43: Young People’s Online Behaviour : Findings from the European Online Grooming Project

The European Online Grooming Project (Apr 2012) A summary of the results of Phase 3 of the European Online Grooming…

Digital literacy Grooming Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Risks Teens (13-18)
#22 2017

22: Attitudes to online privacy

Andy Phippen, University of Plymouth (July 2011) A large scale quantitative study, comprising an online survey of children and young people which…

Digital literacy Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Teens (13-18)
#03 2017

03: Children’s and young people’s internet use and parental attitudes: Ofcom’s media literacy tracker – wave 1 2010

Ofcom (Aug 2010) A large scale quantitative survey of children and young people’s media literacy, revealing their engagement online and…

Children (0-8) Digital literacy Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Teens (13-18)
#02 2017

02: Exploring online safety knowledge and evaluating CEOP’s Think U Know (TUK) education programme

Kingston University (July 2009)  A large scale mixed methods study of young people’s knowledge about internet safety and their understanding…

Digital literacy Evaluation Inappropriate content online Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Risks Teens (13-18)