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#148 2020

148: Police response to youth offending around the generation and distribution of indecent images of children and its implications

Professor Andy Phippen, University of Bournemouth and Professor Emma Bond, University of Suffolk (2020). A summary of a study exploring the…

Children's behaviour online Risks Sexting Teens (13-18)
#147 2019

147: Intimate image abuse in adults and under 18s: A comparative analysis of cases dealt with by the Revenge Porn Helpline and Professionals Online Safety Helpline

SWGfL in partnership with the University of Exeter Economic and Social Research Council (October, 2019) A summary of a qualitative…

Adults (16+) Internet use Risks Sexting Social networking Teens (13-18)
#119 2017

119: Adolescents’ Perceptions of the Applications Used, Motives For, and Consequences of Sexting

Joris Van Ouytsel, Ellen Van Gool, Michel Walrave, Koen Ponnet and Emilie Peeters (Nov 2017) A summary of the results of a study examining high school students’ perceptions of…

Children's behaviour online Sexting Teens (13-18)
#112 2017

112: Self-Produced Images – Risk Taking Online (SPIRTO) Project

Dr Ethel Quayle et al (July 2015)  The EU funded SPIRTO Project examined the risks related to young people generating…

Risks Sexting
#110 2017

110: Adolescents and Self-Taken Sexual Images: A Review of the Literature

Dr Ethel Quayle & Dr Karen Cooper (University of Edinburgh, UK), Prof Carl-Göran Svedin & Dr Linda Jonsson (Linköping University,…

Risks Sexting
#103 2017

103: Sexual Rights and Sexual Risks among Youth Online: A Review of Existing Knowledge Regarding Children and Young People’s Developing Sexuality in Relation to New Media Environments

eNACSO & EU Kids Online (Nov 2016) This report reviews available research literature from a diverse group of stakeholders and…

Cyberbullying & harassment Encountering pornography Risks Sexting
#100 2017

100: ISEC Project Illegal Use of the Internet Project: Cyber-typologies and Victimisation

Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies (CATS), Middlesex University (Nov 2016)  A summary of the results of a retrospective online…

Cyberbullying & harassment Grooming Risks Sexting Sexual abuse Teens (13-18)
#96 2017

96: Sexting and Young People: The Parent's View

NSPCC (August 2016)  A summary of the results of a large scale survey undertaken by FACTs International, on behalf of…

Parental attitudes Risks Sexting
#54 2017

54: ChildLine Online Issues Report 2012-13

ChildLine (Sept 2013) A summary of the results of analysis of the over 10,600 counselling sessions ChildLine received in 2012-13 where…

Cyberbullying & harassment Internet access and use Risks Sexting Sexual abuse
#35 2017

35: A qualitative study of children, young people and 'sexting'

Ringrose et al, commissioned by the NSPCC (Jun 2012) A small-scale qualitative study using single-sex focus group interviews with 35…

Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Sexting Teens (13-18)
#10 2017

10: Sharing personal images and videos among young people

University of Plymouth (Nov 2009)  A small scale quantitative study of the ‘sexting’ practices, uncovering its prevalence and young people’s attitudes…

Risks Sexting Teens (13-18)