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Pre-teens (9-12)

#46 2017

46: CHILDWISE Monitor Pre-School Report 2012

ChildWise (May 2012)  An overview of the results of the CHILDWISE Monitor Pre-School Report 2012, and provides an overview of trends…

Children (0-8) Devices Internet access and use Pre-teens (9-12) Teens (13-18)
#43 2017

43: Young People’s Online Behaviour : Findings from the European Online Grooming Project

The European Online Grooming Project (Apr 2012) A summary of the results of Phase 3 of the European Online Grooming…

Digital literacy Grooming Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Risks Teens (13-18)
#37 2017

37: Towards a better internet for children: Findings and recommendations from EU Kids Online to inform the CEO coalition

EU Kids Online (Jun 2012) A summary of the report presenting new findings and analysis of the EU Kids Online…

International Positive opportunities online Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18)
#36 2017

36: Identifying vulnerable children online and what strategies can help them

UKCCIS Evidence Group – Livingstone and Palmer (Jun 2012) A report summarising the main findings and outcomes of the Vulnerability…

Grooming Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18) Vulnerable groups
#35 2017

35: A qualitative study of children, young people and 'sexting'

Ringrose et al, commissioned by the NSPCC (Jun 2012) A small-scale qualitative study using single-sex focus group interviews with 35…

Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Sexting Teens (13-18)
#34 2017

34: EU Kids Online II Final Report 2011

EU Kids Online (Nov 2011)   A summary of the recommendations of the Final Report of the EU Kids Online II Project. 

Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18)
#33 2017

33: The protection of children online: a scoping review to identify vulnerable groups

Munro (Aug 2011)  A systematic literature review of research examining internet technology risks and online vulnerability.

Cyberbullying & harassment Encountering pornography Grooming Inappropriate content online Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18)
#31 2017

31: Virtual Violence II: Progress and Challenges in the Fight against Cyberbullying (Pupils)

Beatbullying (Jun 2012) Beatbullying’s second large-scale research study of cyberbullying among 11-16 year olds in the UK aimed to explore…

Cyberbullying & harassment Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Schools Teens (13-18)
#28 2017

28: Trends in media use

Childwise (May 2012) A large scale quantitative survey of children and young people’s media ownership, internet access and social networking…

Children (0-8) Devices Internet access and use Pre-teens (9-12) Teens (13-18)
#26 2017

26: Children and parents media use and attitudes: Ofcom's children's media literacy tracker 2011

Ofcom (Oct 2011)  A large scale quantitative study of media use and attitudes in children, young people and their parents.

Children (0-8) Digital literacy Parental mediation Pre-teens (9-12) Teens (13-18)
#24 2017

24: EU Kids Online – cross-national comparisons

EU Kids Online and London School of Economics (Aug 2011) A large scale quantitative study, comparing trends and patterns in…

Cyberbullying & harassment International Internet access and use Pre-teens (9-12) Risks Teens (13-18)
#22 2017

22: Attitudes to online privacy

Andy Phippen, University of Plymouth (July 2011) A large scale quantitative study, comprising an online survey of children and young people which…

Digital literacy Pre-teens (9-12) Privacy Teens (13-18)