142: Tackling Gaming Addiction in the UK

Daria Kuss (Nottingham Trent University) (March, 2019)

A summary of the key findings from a report examining how the addictive nature of some technologies can affect users’ engagement with gaming and social media, particularly amongst younger people. It was written as a response to the inquiry of the UK Parliament’s Select Committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sport into Immersive and Addictive Technologies.

106: Ofcom Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes, Focus on Take Up and Use

Ofcom (Nov 2016) 

A summary of the results of the Ofcom Children’s Media Literacy Tracker, a large-scale quantitative survey based on in-home interviews with children aged 5-15 and their parents/carers, and with parents/carers of children aged 3-4. A sample of 2,059 parents and children were interviewed between April and June 2016. This Research highlights presents results related to children’s media take up and use.

21: Online gambling and young people

Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University (Nov 2011) 
A literature review on online gambling among young people.

12: Research highlights for children’s online gaming and addiction: a brief overview of the empirical literature

Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University (Nov 2010)
A literature review on children’s online gaming, revealing its incidence and consequences.