141: Children’s Data and Privacy Online: Growing Up in a Digital Age An Evidence Review

Sonia Livingstone, Mariya Stoilova and Rishita Nandagiri (London School of Economics and Political Science) (February, 2019)

A summary of the results of a project using systematic evidence mapping to review the existing knowledge base on children’s data and privacy online, identify research gaps and outline areas of potential policy and practice development. A comprehensive and methodical search strategy was utilised and included a broad range of sources including policy recommendations, case studies and advocacy guides. Three groups of search terms were combined to identify research about children, privacy and the digital environment. 

138: When Do Parents Think Their Child is Ready to Use the Internet Independently? Parenting for a Digital Future: Survey Report 2

Sonia Livingstone (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Kjartan Ólafsson (University of Akureyri) (February, 2019)

An overview of the results of a study exploring the age at which parents think their children need to ask for consent, and the age at which children can manage their own data privacy. This is related to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018. A nationally representative survey was carried out of 2,032 parents of children aged 0-17. Participants were recruited via an online panel, supplemented with a sample of low or non-internet users interviewed in-person. Participants were representative by region across the UK, representative by ethnic background, socio-economic status (SES), gender, and inclusion of parents with low or no internet use. The data were collected in 2017.

43: Young People’s Online Behaviour : Findings from the European Online Grooming Project

The European Online Grooming Project (Apr 2012)
A summary of the results of Phase 3 of the European Online Grooming Project. This focused on a series of focus groups (N = 12) conducted with young people aged 11-16 years old in three European countries (UK, Italy and Belgium).

22: Attitudes to online privacy

Andy Phippen, University of Plymouth (July 2011)
A large scale quantitative study, comprising an online survey of children and young people which assessed their attitudes to online privacy.

03: Children’s and young people’s internet use and parental attitudes: Ofcom’s media literacy tracker – wave 1 2010

Ofcom (Aug 2010)
A large scale quantitative survey of children and young people’s media literacy, revealing their engagement online and parental awareness and attitudes.

02: Exploring online safety knowledge and evaluating CEOP’s Think U Know (TUK) education programme

Kingston University (July 2009) 
A large scale mixed methods study of young people’s knowledge about internet safety and their understanding of the Think U Know programme.