15 May 2024 UK SIC

New online issue page released to support with responding to sextortion incidents

We have prepared a brand new online issue page to guide professionals, parents, carers, and young people through sextortion.

29 April 2024 UK SIC

National Crime Agency Issues Financially Motivated Sexual Extortion Alert to UK Schools

The National Crime Agency has issued an alert to educational establishments across the UK about the rise in financially motivated…

19 April 2024 Beverley Thornton

Meta Announces Tools to Help Protect Against Sextortion and Intimate Image Abuse

Meta has announced new tools being tested to protect young people and adults from intimate image abuse.

17 February 2023 UK SIC

Raising awareness of sextortion with the Revenge Porn Helpline

The Revenge Porn Helpline are raising awareness about the issue of Sextortion, through their #CutOffTheCatfish campaign.

31 August 2022 UK SIC

StopNCII.org – Preventing Non-Consensual Intimate Image Sharing

StopNCII.org is an innovative, global tool that uses ground-breaking technology to protect adults (18+) from intimate image abuse.

6 May 2021 Andy Robinson

Threats to Share Intimate Images to Become a Crime

This blog looks at the Domestic Abuse Bill and what new laws have been brought in to protect victims. We…