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23 February 2022 Ben House

How to help your LGBTQ+ child stay safe on TikTok

To commemorate LGBTQ+ History Month, here is our walkthrough for parents and carers about how they can help their child…

17 February 2022 Andy Robinson

Ways to keep celebrating Safer Internet Day

There’s still plenty you can get involved with to continue celebrating staying safe online for Safer Internet Day. Find out…

16 February 2022 Becca Cawthorne

Safer Internet Day 2022 – bigger than ever as millions take part in global celebrations

Over the last year, we have seen young people spending more time online than ever before, so this year’s Safer…

8 February 2022 Lee Jones

Safer Internet Day 2022 research findings revealed

Nearly half of young people say they would lose a part of who they are without online games.

7 February 2022 Ben House

The ultimate Safer Internet Day checklist

Your ultimate guide to #PlayYourPart in #SaferInternetDay 2022.

4 February 2022 Ben House

A deep dive into our resources: 14-18 years edition

A deep dive into our resources for 14-18 years.

3 February 2022 UK SIC

What’s happening on Safer Internet Day in the UK?

Find out what events are going on this Safer Internet Day throughout the UK

3 February 2022 Ben House

Supporters registration sets new record!

Safer Internet Day 2022 is set to be the biggest yet.

2 February 2022 UK SIC

Advice from the Professionals Online Safety Helpline – Safer Internet Day 2022

The Professionals Online Safety Helpline is giving appropriate safeguarding advice to professionals working with children or young people

1 February 2022 Becca Cawthorne

One week to go – prepare for Safer Internet Day 2022

1 February 2022 Ben House

A deep dive into our resources: 11-14 years edition

We have created an array of resources to support you in delivering sessions for 11-14s about Safer Internet Day.

1 February 2022 UK SIC

Liverpool Football Club joins UKSIC for Safer Internet Day 2022 virtual event

Liverpool Football Club will once again be supporting Safer Internet Day 2022 by joining the UKSIC for a live virtual…