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Mark Zuckerberg sees under 13's on Facebook

24 May 2011

Mark Zuckerbeg founder of Facebook, has stated his determination to alter the site's regulations to allow under 13's to join the site. Speaking at the NewSchools summit in California in May 2011 he said "In the future, software and techology will enable people to learn a lot from their fellow...

UK Safer Internet launches new interactive Podcast site on iTunes

24 May 2011

Online Safety; the easiest way to keep up to date

The UK Safer Internet Centre has launched an entirely new Podcast. Featuring interactive advice and debate as well all the latest news, fact and opinion from the world of Online Safety, listeners will be able to keep themselves up to...

FOSI's 3rd European Conference in London

24 May 2011

FOSI (Family Online Safety Institute) held their third European Conference at BT Centre in London on May 10 th entitled ‘Is Every European a Digital Citizen?’. Details on the conference, including the agenda can be found at

Ofcom UK Children's Literacy Update - April 2011

24 May 2011

A younger and more mobile use of the Internet

Ofcom are the Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries and undertake regular research including annual assessments of children’s (5 – 15) media literacy in the UK. The most recent report was...

P.O.S.H Helpline cited in Evening Standard Article on Abuse of Professionals on Facebook

13 May 2011

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