Internet Watch Foundation

18 January 2021 Angela Munoz Aroca

‘Grave threat’ to children from predatory internet groomers as online child sexual abuse material soars to record levels

A record number of reports of online child sexual abuse have been processed by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

15 December 2020 Angela Munoz Aroca

Eyes of the world very much on Europe' as IWF welcomes progress on child safety measures in Brussels

“We cannot allow Europe to be a safe haven for these criminals who would exploit the worst abuse of vulnerable,…

26 November 2020 Angela Munoz Aroca

IWF has record month as public reports of child sexual abuse surge

IWF analysts have seen accelerating numbers of public reports of child sexual abuse, with more people staying and working from…

22 October 2020 Angela Munoz Aroca

Game-changing IWF chatbot to target people trying to access child sexual abuse online

The End Violence Fund has announced the funding grant for the new Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) reThink chatbot which the charity has…

7 October 2020 Andy Robinson

‘Disturbing’ rise in videos of children who have been groomed into filming their own abuse

Videos and images where children have been manipulated into recording their own abuse now make up nearly half of all…

28 September 2020 Andy Robinson

Hundreds of individual victims in videos of “self-generated” child sexual abuse in one week

In one week alone, analysts saw almost 700 individual girls being exploited and coerced into filming their own abuse. This…

18 September 2020 Andy Robinson

Call for a New Taskforce at the IWF

The IWF is looking for six Image Classification Assessors and a Quality Assurance Officer to help them protect children in…

26 August 2020 Andy Robinson

IWF Release New Reporting Portal for Madagascar

For the first time, people in Madagascar will have a safe and anonymous place to report criminal images and videos…

2 July 2020 Andy Robinson

UKSIC partner with ITU to release new Child Online Protection guidelines

UKSIC, along with industry partners SWGfL and IWF have helped to release the new ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Child Online…

24 June 2020 Angela Munoz Aroca

IWF launches six international reporting portals for child sexual abuse material during lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has lent greater urgency to tackling online threats.

19 May 2020 Angela Munoz Aroca

Mental Health Awareness Week – Doing one of the most difficult jobs

On Mental Health Awareness Week, IWF raise awareness of the difficult but crucial work their analysts do and how they…

17 April 2020 Angela Munoz Aroca

IWF launches a ground-breaking podcast series – Pixels from a Crime Scene

Speaking in the first episode, Chief Constable Simon Bailey QPM, The National Police Chief’s Council lead on child protection, has…